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inject !
POSTED ON: Monday, January 17, 2011 at 1:45 AM | 0 cookies

holla ! bile la nk kena inject taw :). tnggu punya lar lme... smpai skunk x kna2 g.
hurm.. kat sni bley lah blagak :P kalo kat skolah bkn main g aq takut.
ckp je psl inject x dea slera nak mkn truis. just imagine tht, the needle comes near to ur skin ! every second ! every moment ! omg ! i want the needle stop there ! dont touch me or i'm gonna break u !!! hurh....
that suck sucky ! i dun noe where i got the words but i think tht is the perfect word 4 it .

dude ! it must gonna hurt me so much. asal la diorang nak bgi taon nie gak, bgi la taon lpas.
kan senang !!! gudbye happiness ! hello nightmare !


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