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gonna make a new one ... peace
POSTED ON: Monday, February 14, 2011 at 1:20 AM | 0 cookies

haha.. i'm gonna make a new blog ! this blog troubled me so much, coz dat i want to make a new one..
btw, the new one will be so much better thn this ... it's not a private blog, but i'll not giving the adress to my fren, including my close fren...
if u want to view it, find the adress by urself... kalo x nk pon x pea...
the new blog, i'll give it to someone tht ??? to me...
but i dun noe how to give the adress to him... i wish someone would help me... and i think i noe who is it...
my new blog gonna be the most emotional blog ever ! haha... bdak emo ke? x kowt...
i juz realised tht i'm talking alone here... :( ..
alwayz talking wif my lappy screen... haha... dok ckp sowng2 gy nie !

 dun worry coz i'll not deleting this blog... tq


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