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maybe nie last aq update !
POSTED ON: Friday, April 15, 2011 at 7:01 PM | 0 cookies

i'm so so sad rite now ! y? cozs i'm gonna stay at hostel :(  hope i can pick up my studies there. btw, mai nak story ckit. Yesterday, hawa gave me the 'baju batik'. unfortunately, suddenly, out of the blue ! i forgot to put it in my bag ! so, i left it on my desk ( i think so lah ). when i arrived at my home... i want to show the baju batik to my parents but the baju batik is missing ! gone ! did i have to go back to the school??? perghhh...then, i remember that i have a senior no. phone. so i ask the senior to take the baju batik n give it to my classmate ! so my classmate can give me the clothes the next monday !
so, tomorrow i'll not wearing the baju batik ! it's okey... nevermind ! i have a lot of baju kurung !

p/s: i'm so careless rite? this is not the first time i forgot where i put my things ! haha....


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