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my boyfriend ~
POSTED ON: Saturday, July 9, 2011 at 7:33 AM | 0 cookies

hallu, hallu, hallu ! hee... korunk knal x group boyfriend? ala.. group bru kpop tuh? knal x? knal?... ha, apea... x knal? haishh, mai sni nak knalkan...
nie la ahli2 grup tue.. hee.. hot2 kan...grup nie ada kembar... cute seyh.. haha.. muda2 daa femes.. ashaduii ! mai nk buatt biodata dioruk ckit.. buadd for the twin je lah.. hee... ta larat lah nk buadd sume.. sorry ek :)
name: jo youngmin age: 16 years old star sign: taurus the elder twin... (i think so)
name: jo kwangmin age: 16 years old star sign: taurus the younger twin (think so lah)
p/s: try tngok movie diorunk.. title : love triangle ! confirm bezz ~


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