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i'm a muslim. n i'm proud with it !
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assalamua'laikum... mai nk cer skitt..
td aq bka bearshare.. pastu ada laa lki nie ntar chat at aq. dia nie english men, tp dok malaysia.. bb ada engineering project. asl dari scotland. bru dok malaysia 6 bulan. pastu dia kta kat aq ' u can ask me anything' so aq pun tnya laa... 'in ur country , a girl around my age, how tall are they? then dia jwb laa... pastu dia pulak tnya aq..'how long is your hair'.
rambut kan aurat prempuan . so aq kta laa..' sorry i can't tell u because in islam hair is the one of aurat'...
then, aq terang laa ape itu aurat kat dia... aq kta laa.. aurat is the part of body of females that should covered and cannot be seen by males. then dia jwb.. nie dia jwb..
'i'm not a muslim. in modern countries, we dont use religion to impose unequal rules on females, it is illegal. because equality is human right. mmg laa equality tu human rite.. tp ada batas nyer ! aduihh ~ nie lgy dia blas 'if u lived is europe, equality is the law, men cannot impose sex discrimination laws against u through any religion. then aq pon kta lar ' bcoz of hair is the one of the aurat, so, famales have to covered their hair by hijab' then, dia boley jwb, 'im really not interest in religion, especially barbaric types of religion ~ mmg jhat arhh lki tuh.. boley dia kta islam nie barbaric religion.. mmg dia tu yg barbaric !
helloo ! i'm just telling u the truth okey ! come on. wake up lahh ~
then, aq pon panas arhh.. aq kta larr.. maybe u thought that i'm a small girl that talk much but i'm just telling the truth. and u , never despise ISLAM !
then dia blas' great, now u even sound like an Arab... well done, they will be very pleased with you. byeeeeee'
punya pnjg dia tulis bye. so? pkir aq tkut ngn ag? ho'olorhh... dia offline. tp aq still x puas aty.. aq blas.. 'i'm a muslim and i'm pround with it !'
p/s: barbaric-biadap.... despise- hina... impose- memihak
everybody needs ALLAH in their life .
x sgka ada org cam tu en.. dlm dunia nie.. msih byk lgy org cam tu..


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